Scrounging Reveals a Heat Sink

May 15, 2010

A friend gave me some old PC’s he was going to toss out and I set to work taking them apart. Just recently I ordered 5 L293N H-bridges. These are going to be parts for my next motor driver. One thing I was missing was a good heat sink. I was lucky as I found a really nice heat sink that was used in the PC for heat dissipation for 6 Mosfets. The heat sink not only will work great for 4 of my L293N’s but also dissipates the correct amount of heat.

Below are some pics of the 4 L293N attached to the heat sink ready for mounting. I am going to redesign the PCB to match this change in arrangement. I’m currently using Fritzing to do my Schematics and PCB layout so I will post some nice looking results soon. I just submitted my L293N part to the Fritzing part contribution.

4x L293N Heat sink

4x L293N Heat sink

4x L293N Heat sink

4x L293N Heat sink


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