TLC 5920 48 Pin SSOP solder

April 3, 2010

I managed to get my 5920 on my breakout board. It took about 17 minutes which I am quite proud of. This is the LED driver I picked up from SD Electronics last week. It lets you control a number of LED’s at once. I am using it to control a number of motors rather than LED’s using H-Bridge chips to power the motors. It should work but I haven’t completed the schematic yet just going to try for a prototype to see what happens. Fingers crossed I don’t wreck an H-Bridge those things are expensive.

The other chip I ordered from Texas Instruments is the 5940 which was shipped two days ago so I expect that to arrive soon. I am quite excited to see the differences between the two considering how close they are to one another.

Here’s a before and after of the soldering.

Before I started.

Before I started.

Work area

Work area, R2-D2 supervising.

Completed Solder

Completed Solder

I hope there is never a shortage of rosin flux or I’m gonna be in trouble.


2 Responses to “TLC 5920 48 Pin SSOP solder”

  1. kmmankad said

    did you use a regular tip soldering iron or was it a fancy needle tip?

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