To Build a Robot Part 1

March 25, 2010

Doing a bit of research on what is needed I picked up a few parts that are needed for the project I want to do. I would like to put together a bipedal robot that balances. I have some strange ideas on what will make a good design but the basics come first. Today I stopped by San Diego Electronics Supply for some parts.

San Diego Electronics Supply

San Diego Electronics Supply

It’s a bit scrubby but the people working there are super nice and very knowledgeable.

I got:

  • 4x 4066’s to for the RX / TX on the serial.
  • TCL5920 to make more PWM pins available
  • 2x 2N3904 Switching Transistor to act as the switch for the 4066’s
  • 2x L293B H-Bridge chips to control the motor current from the 5920.
  • 1x 4051 to give me more sensor pins for rotation sensors

I will try out the L293’s tonight with one of my DC motors.


2 Responses to “To Build a Robot Part 1”

  1. Dan said

    How big will the finished bipedal robot be?

  2. Ollie said

    Hi, I’m working on a DIY-Tech article for the San Diego Reader and I wonder if you’d let me interview you about the robot or other Arduino projects you’re working on.


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